Connor Hamilton

Freelance Photographer

For over 12 years, I've been capturing people, places, and perspectives through film and digital photography. My favorite projects are people-related.

Green Plant on Gray Rock

projects from 2013 ⎼ 2025

Photo Of Man Holding DSLR Camera



by Connor Hamilton

Truth in artistry, artistry in truth. This is the fine balance I strive to achieve in my work, where photography is so much more than mere documentation. To me, a picture must inspire a thousand words; it must spur discussion, trigger reflection, or surface emotions. Only then do I know my photography has succeeded.

Photo Of Man Holding Black Camera


Selected Projects


Man in Brown Jacket and Brown Pants Standing on Brown Rock


Woman in Black Dress Standing beside White Wall
Woman in Black Blazer Standing

This project aimed to break the barriers of gender and geography, claiming runways outside the usual bastions of fashion.

The Runaway Runway, 2023

Print Shoot for the Trempleway Times


Man Standing on a Desert Land Holding a Luggage
Man with Green Leaf

Spectrum, 2013-2025

Personal Project

This portrait collection was developed over a period of 12 years. I sought people of all colors as my subjects during my travels, capturing them in their element and natural environments.


Woman in Black Off Shoulder Dress
Woman in White Long Sleeve Shirt Sitting on Chair
Green Plant on White Ceramic Pot

My job is to truthfully capture moments, not stage them.

Close-Up Shot of a Woman in Black Coat
Man in Brown Jacket and Brown Pants Jumping on Brown Field
Man Wearing Green Beanie
Close-Up Shot of a Woman
Female Models in Trendy Black Outfits
Person Holding Black and Gray Camera
A Hand Holding DSLR Camera Showing Men in Jacket
Woman Holding Black Tablet Computer


I do much of my work in my home studio, a large converted industrial space that houses all my equipment. I am always open to collaboration and new projects. If you align with my work philosophy and approach, or have a great idea for a project, come by for a chat!

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Brown Rock Formation Under Blue Sky